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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions )

Q.1 When to consult a pediatric Cardiologist ?

You need to consult a pediatric cardiologist if your child was diagnosed to be having a murmur on routine examination or if your child has any of these symptoms difficulty in breathing, sweating over the forehead , reduced weight gain, recurrent chest infections , increased heart beat on rest and bluish discoloration of lips , hand and feet.

Q2.  What to do if my child has a hole in the heart?

No need to worry as majority of the holes in today era can be treated either by catheter-based intervention or surgically. First step is to establish the site where the hole is located , bygetting a proper echo from a pediatric cardiologistand assessing what impact it is making on the heart.

Q3. What are the causes of bluish discoloration of hands and feet?

Bluish discoloration of hands and feet could be due to heart defects , lung pathology, blood disorder  and even exposure to intense cold .

Q4. What is Foetal Echo ?

Foetal echo is a specialized test , in which a detailed study of the foetal heart is done by assessing the anatomy of foetal heart , its function and electrical activity.

Q5. At what gestational age Foetal echo is done ?

Foetal echo is usually done at 18-22 weeks of gestation , but in case of mother , father , previous sibling is suffering from congenital heart defect then it should be done at 16-17 weeks of gestation .

Q6. What kind of heart diseases can be diagnosed on Foetal echo ?

Majority of congenital heart diseases can be picked on foetal echo except small holes , disorder of cardiac muscle which manifest later in childhood , narrowing of arteries which become more prominent as pregnancy advances .

Q7. From whom we should get Foetal Echo done ?

Foetal echo should be done by a personal who well versed with congenital heart diseases such as Pediatric cardiologist .

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